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Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching

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Get live, one on one coaching without the cost of bringing a coach to the track.

Working on everything from brake release to steering, vision to mindset, car prep to debrief, we will work towards making you a better driver and achieving your goals.

If you use the Apex Pro with a premium subscription, we also have the ability to give you direct, real-time feedback while you're on track - while being hundreds of miles away!

Contact Scott Robertson for dates and availability -

The relationship is important - the more events we do the better we'll get to know each other, and the more in-depth we can go. To that end, we'd like to encourage you to sign up for multiple events (1 = one, two-day event or race weekend):

1 - $179

2 - $169/per event

3+ - $149/per event

5+ - $129/per event

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