About Us


Scott Robertson

Team founder and lead, Scott is a MSI certified lead driving coach with Gridlife and the SCCA. Voted "Bestest Driver this Year" twice, by his Gridlife Touring Cup peers, he drives the #213 RR Miata and competes in GLTC, and the One Lap of America.


Becky Burton

Team crew chief and driver, Becky maintains, inspects, preps, and makes setup changes at the track. She also drives the #909 RR Mazda2, named Mooncake, and competes in the Gridlife Sundae Cup and the One Lap of America.  





Tim Miller 

Team data guru, aero expert, big picture thinker, and crew, Tim's expertise and experience helps us all be at our best. He also competes in the One Lap of America.





Brian Defrees

Crew member and adventure lover, Brian competes endurance racing, One Lap of America, and rally cross.  Brian's owner, Herman, is the best boy and team mascot.




Chandler Marr

Team engineer, crew, and driver, Chandler is a huge help at events and in designing parts. He is completing a major body swap on his NA Miata, and it's planning on competing in the Gridlife Club TR class.