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Private Vehicle Setup Tuning

Private Vehicle Setup Tuning

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It's like private coaching... for your car! 100% of our time and resources will be focused on you and your vehicle.

Tailored to your specific goals, we will come to the track for the event of your choosing to provide in-depth, real-world setup analysis and development. Learn more about your car, how setup changes affect your cars handling, what makes tires perform well, how aerodynamics can help and hurt, and what can be done to further improve your setup.

Don't have data? We'll bring the Apex Pro Gen II Unit and OBDII Interface so we can gather valuable data, and you can see why we like it so much! 

Contact Scott for dates and availability - 

The relationship is important - the more events we do the better we'll get to know each other, and the more in-depth we can go. To that end, we'd like to encourage you to sign up for multiple days:

One Driver: $799 for the first day, $695 for subsequent days (Quantity will be the number of days - discount automatically applied)

Two Drivers: $647/per day per driver (Quantity will be the number of drivers multiplied by the number of days: 2 for two drivers, one day; 4 for two drivers, two days; etc - discount code private2setup at Check Out)

Three Drivers: $551/per day per driver (Quantity will be the number of drivers multiplied by the number of days: 3 for three drivers, one day; 6 for three drivers, two days; etc - discount code private3setup at Check Out)

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