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Racers Oil Analysis

Racers Oil Analysis

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Don't ask the internet which oil to use, send your oil to the expert at Racer's Oil Analysis Resource.

Important: Select "Initial Double Sample Kit" if you're new to our service, are using new oil, or sampling from a new engine/car. Select "Follow-up Single Sample Kit" if all of the following are true: we've tested your car, with the same oil, with the same engine before. Please contact us at with any questions so that we can ensure the best service possible.

Racer’s Oil Analysis Resource examines the oil properties that determine if the oil is being overworked or under-utilized. Their main focus is to ensure that the oil you use in your race car, tow rig, or daily is performing like you need it to - ensuring longer life and better performance.

They send you sampling containers, you send them your sample using the included pre-paid shipping label. You'll then receive a detailed report of the elements present, oil characteristics, and a personalized write-up looking at key points in the report, and next steps for you and your vehicle.

ROAR analyzes your used oil to ensure that the oil is doing the job it is supposed to do. By monitoring the 24 common wear and contamination elements they can determine if the engine is creating excessive wear or allowing the intrusion of dirt and debris. They also monitor fuel dilution and oil viscosity to determine if the oil is thinning out too much under high loads to protect the engine.

ROAR will advise you as to whether you can safely use this fluid for longer periods of time, or if you need to change sooner. Just like analyzing your lap data, they can determine an appropriate service life, and if you need to make a bigger change - like switching to an oil that works better for your vehicle. By tracking your oil over the long-term, they will set up trend data so they can identify when wear increases to help prevent a catastrophic failure at the worst possible time. 

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